Top 10 Keto-Friendly Restaurants

Did you ever eat at these Top 10 Keto-Friendly Restaurants? In case you don’t already know, the Keto diet is short for the Ketogenic diet. It’s got things in common with the Atkins diet plan and other low-carbohydrate diets – but supposedly with a bit more science behind it. Today, we’re going to share information about ten eateries that cater to Keto diet fans. We’ll give you guys all of this nutritional info because we know that you want results from your Keto lifestyle. Knowing what’s in the food that you eat is important. So for those who love the Keto diet let’s check out the top 10 Keto-friendly restaurants.

The low-carb diet commonly known as the ketogenic diet is often used to treat children with epilepsy. The high-fat content and restricted carb consumption force the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. When a person diet is very low in carbs but high in fat, the liver will convert the fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies instead of turning carbohydrates into glucose. The brain usually uses glucose as fuel, but when ketone bodies are the only thing available, they become the brain’s new energy source.

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0:44 Outback Steakhouse
2:32 Ruby Tuesday
4:02 Cracker Barrel
5:27 The Cheesecake Factory
6:46 Olive Garden
8:00 P.F. Chang’s
9:27 Red Lobster
10:51 The Capital Grille
12:00 Bonefish Grill
13:21 Applebee’s

– While dining at Outback Steakhouse, you’ll have Keto-friendly choices galore, but you’ll need to avoid the carb-laden side dishes.
– The Endless Garden Bar is an excellent option to help you follow your Keto diet.
– While you’re at Cracker Barrel, consider ordering Lemon Pepper Grilled Rainbow Trout, or Grilled Sirloin Steak. For Keto-friendly side dishes, add cottage cheese or coleslaw.
– You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a Keto-friendly entree on the menu: The Skinnylicious Grilled Salmon.
– If you want Keto-friendly grub at Olive Garden, you’ll need to bypass the breadsticks and go for Herb-grilled Salmon with Parmesan-crusted Zucchini, or The Chicken Piccata.
– Your best bet is to order Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, or perhaps the Pepper Steak. Don’t order any rice.
– At Red Lobster, you should consider Filet Mignon. It contains four hundred and twenty calories, twenty-two total fat grams, eleven of which come from saturated fat, and eleven hundred and seventy milligrams of sodium.
– If you want an elegant dining experience, which fits with your Keto dining plan, then visit the Capital Grille.
– Of course, grilled fish is a great choice for Keto diet followers, so there are some great choices at Bonefish Grill.
– To enjoy a Keto-friendly meal at Applebee’s, go for the Shrimp’n’Parmesan Sirloin, which contains six hundred and twenty calories, forty-two grams of fat, twenty-three grams of which are from saturated fat and seven grams of carbs.

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  1. Cole slaw has so much sugar in the dressing 😐 Chicken piccata at Olive Garden is awesome though. The stuffed mushrooms have bread crumbs.

  2. Your aggressive quick cuts to movie clips is fucking annoying. Why does anyone require to know the history of the cheese cake factory to know what they can eat there?

    For a video about keto, there's a lot of fat to trim off it. Just get to the fucking point, jesus christ.

  3. No way all this restaurants would mess up my keto diet lol still tons of bad carbs in there and on top of that you paying alot for you really dont want lol

  4. Its still sounds like demonising salt And saturareted fat, yall should read Saltfix And Big fat surprise

  5. Why put P.F. Chang’s and red lobster if it’s not keto friendly?? Over 20 carbs per dish?? And who’s going to get a half portion of fish, that won’t fill anyone up and it’s still 10 carbs… no thanks

  6. hers a keto ideal, korean BBQ , in n out(protien style no spread) , pollo la brasa(look it up its Peruvian and hell bomb) i can come up with multiple keto friendly idea with more than less than half the portion of carbs and still be satisfied and simply ZERO sugar, i wasted my time watching this.. but thank you for the information

  7. Not sure what I love more. The keto restaurant options (when I don't feel like cooking) or the hilarious editing in this vid. 🤔🤣😂

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