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In this video, I am debunking the ketogenic diet! First I’m talking about why keto seems to “work” – AKA why people lose weight on a keto diet and are lean and shredded! Here are some of the reasons why it “works”… losing water weight, cutting out junk foods, and calorie restriction! Annnnd then we talk about the dangers of the keto, including gastro issues like diarrhea, nausea, constipation… kidney stones, brain fog, hair loss, osteoporosis, slowed metabolism, & more! The most optimal diet for humans is a whole foods, plant based diet based on starch! Starches, vegetables, fruits, and legumes! We are not carnivores! Vegan for the win baby!
Here are the studies I talk about:
Keto Diet is a Starvation diet:
Plant-Based Diets Increase Metabolism:
Fatty Acids Don’t Cross the Brain Barrier:
I am not here to attack anyone and I live by the saying, “To each his own.” I have just been asked about this diet and to make a video about it!

If you don’t know who I am – hey! My name is Emmie! I am the go-to nutritionist for weight loss on a plant-based diet. On this channel, I teach you how to lose & maintain your desired weight through a high carb vegan, Starch Solution Maximum Weight Loss diet. My diet is naturally high in carbohydrates and low in fat. It is incredible because you don’t have to count calories, you don’t need to portion control, and you don’t need to overexercise in order to lose weight! We are all about abundance and learning your body’s natural hunger & fullness cues through eating a WFPB (That means whole foods, plant-based) diet. Other common terms to describe this diet are oil-free vegan, SOS-free vegan, and HCLF vegan! Welcome! I am SO happy you are here!

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20 thoughts on “NUTRITIONIST DEBUNKS KETO DIET | Simple Breakdown

  1. Why don't people get the Message? When it's so very clear. It's frustrating! I do not believe people on a keto diet are genuinely happy with cutting out carbs and starving themselves…I believe they are happy with the WEIGHT LOSS. Which you can have eating high carbs and not starving yourself!

  2. Yes lady!!!!
    Your channel has helped me so very much, so I sincerely thank you!!!
    So I wish we could show pix on here but we obviously can’t… SOOO,
    I have a question (again, 🤷🏻‍♀️)
    So i shall DM you on Instagram & hope you get to see it!
    It’s about a vegetable cleaner literally called “VEGGIE WASH”
    I do love this stuff… BUT when I just read the ingredients (YES! You DO have me doing that 😉)
    I saw it has a lot of names I can’t even spell let alone pronounce!
    I’ll send u a pic of it & plz lmk when you have time!
    Thank you!

  3. I wish I had this video months ago… I can’t wait to send this to some woman I work with.
    I don’t know much about the keto diet but when co workers tell me that they can’t eat certain fruits & veggies on this diet… I knew RIGHT AWAY this was NOT OK!!!
    I’m so glad you spoke up!!!

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Such a great video. Just found you on you tube and IG and love your videos. Been plant based vegan for 8 years and vegetarian for 33 years before that and absolutely love being plant based vegan. A friend tried keto and had so many health problems. I tried to warn him but he wouldn’t listen. I finally sent him a video from Dr. Gregor and he got it. I will send him this video also. Thank you again for this video.

  5. So glad I found your videos! I’ve been doing HCLF life for years but this past year has been so stressful I strayed and was looking a lot into Keto as an option. I thought maybe I needed a change in habits. It seems so popular at the moment. But I have to say that is exactly that….just a fad. My problem was that I found myself eating a lot unhealthy low-fat vegan foods. Aka candy and pretzels and sugary drinks. Not enough exercise either. Your channel is inspirational and motivational!!!

  6. 37 thumb downs are all keto people. You'd think they listen vs automatically disagreeing. But unfortunately that's how society is today. Keto is basically adkins renamed.

  7. Hey, Healthy Emmie, I have been following your channel for a while, and I think that what you say makes sense. I am also following another Vlog, and they maintain wait by eating nothing for up to 30 days straight, only drinking lots of water, and they talk about reaching the state of Ketosis, and dropping a lot of weight. What do you think of this diet? Also, a friend of mine who at 80 years has the body of a 35 year old said she has to eat some meat, because she says vegans develop yellow skin, and watching this video tonight I couldn't help notice that the palms of your hands seemed very yellow. What is your response to these questions?

  8. I'm on the vegan low fat high carb train but I just have to say that keto diet does cause weight loss that is fat, and that you don't have to be in starvation to go into ketosis. You do drop water weight initially but In about 3 days without carbohydrates, we've depleted our body of its glycogen stores and our body's defense mechanism is to switch to using fat for fuel. So you use body fat and dietary fat for fuel. 4 years ago before I was vegan I did the keto diet and I was tracking my body fat, and much like I eat now was eating intuitively, but eating high fat and lost a significant amount of fat and spared muscle which was great. I don't advocate for the diet however because I don't believe in eating animals for one and because although I looked great I felt crummy and had low energy.

  9. loved this video!! just made my mum and brother who hyypeee over the keto diet watch this! so informational and interactive! thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!

  10. I did keto after I had my baby and before I turned vegan and lost a lot weight, but it was definitely not sustainable as it was very costly, I’ve since turn to WFPB and it’s so much more sustainable and so cheap! Love it

  11. Hey you've hit 30k subscribers, well done gorgeous! Is pork a processed meat? I did not know that. Don't think I've ever eaten it to the best of my knowledge.

  12. Oh god I have so many clients who are obsessed with FAD diets and I try to explain why I also don’t recommend Keto… just sending them this link

  13. Someone I know who is doing keto told me how bad apples are for the liver. I was so dumbfounded that I just said, riiiiight, and walked away…
    Excellent presentation Emmie! 😘

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