No blood sugar improvements on low carb?

No blood sugar improvements on low carb?

A new study reports no blood sugar improvements between a 30% carb diet and 10% carb diet. Does this mean carb reduction doesn’t work? Of course not. Instead, it highlights some of the important factors we need to consider when reducing carbs. Here’s our take on it with helpful tips for you to succeed with carb reduction!

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20 thoughts on “No blood sugar improvements on low carb?

  1. Only pure crap here. You want people misinformed and most important…being sick. If almost all of the global population would eat low carb, give up the sugar, we d be healthier, maybe diabetes would not exist and we wouldn t buy pharmacy drugs, the massive corporations would reduce their profit drastically! Going very rarely to doctor and so on. Less hospitalization and Brighter, clearer minds! You wouldn t want that, huh? Who would buy your sugar then? Or your fast food? Or your insulin? It s the capitalism horror story – when we make good choices and we are healthy. That doesn t help your money making. I m sick of such manipulative studies.

  2. Despite trying to keep the patients weight constant, they lost weight. And about the low carb not working: they did measure a small improvement from 7.6 to 7.4 going from 30% to 10% carbs, however this result was not considered significant (it was a very small sample size).

  3. It all depends on the level of other nutrients you take. If you eat only low carb without the corresponding dietary fat and protein, you'll not get good result. Also if you are diabetic and depending on the number of years you have been insulin resistant, there are other combinations of factors you will take into considerations. Good exercise, eg brick walking for at least 20 minutes per day, at least 6 hours of sleep, less stress conditions to minimize cortisol spiking and activating insulin to ask for glucose injections into the blood stream. Always check the levels of your A1C, not necessarily fasting blood sugar. Fasting blood sugar is a big function of when you ate your last meal of the day. Remember, your metabolism plays an important role in sugar up takes by the muscles and the cells. It's good to know factors affecting your blood glucose levels. Side effects from other medications, such as steroids or antipsychotic medications can affect your blood glucose irrespective of your low cab intakes. Illnesses, due to your body releases hormones to fight the illness, and those hormones raise blood glucose levels. Short or long term pains from injuries, your body releases hormones that raise blood glucose levels. Menstrual periods, which cause changes in hormone levels affect your blood glucose. And many more.

  4. What people are lacking is education on how to eat low cab the correct way. Doctors also have no idea on what keto or low carb is. My doctor was wide eyed when she saw my A1C lowered 2 points in 6 weeks. When I explained to her what I was doing she was in very surprised. Had no clue what intermittent fasting was… no wonder we are the way we are… No offence but they study for and don't educate about nutrition

  5. This study isn't even worth the paper it's written on. 12 people. Come on now and they weren't even watched to make sure they stayed on it. We interpret it by throwing it in the garbage.

  6. This study is farce. I have seen visibly weight loss as well as normal blood sugar levels because of keto diet

  7. 6 days diet , with 2 people..weight neutral Kuwait.
    Culturally appropriate.. seriously…?

    This is a scientific breakthrough of Nobel prize worth. I AM BEING SARCASTIC.

    This video is pathetic…you Dr sir should know better.

    I am not subscribing

  8. Big pharma and weight loss companies really hate that people are now waking up to the crap food that's being sold that's killing people.

  9. I lost 4 stone on low carb. Ketogenic lifestyle is the best. My BP went down as did my glucose levels.

  10. Hmm…preprint. Let's get it in a peer journal. I work in epigenetics. N 12 people also needs to be upped. Diet Doc this lacks validity for me. Please cite the second study. Processed food no good. Yes the socio economic situation matters. And processing of food for taste and shelf life change benefits and absorption.

  11. My diabetes has been completely reversed and my glucose levels have stabilised, I no longer take any medication to control Type2 diabetes because of a proper low carb diet. This is utter nonsense!

  12. Plenty of ppl need to produce papers to maintain their positions in universities. No publications no job. Bs.

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