Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Luke Laffin, MD, Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and cardiologist in the Section of Preventive Cardiology at Cleveland Clinic tells us about natural ways to lower blood pressure. These tips will help you stay off medications or lessen the amount of medications you need to take to control blood pressure.
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  2. My BP went from 157/90 to 120/80 in 2 weeks. Started running everyday, I'm happy as I was about to try to go on cilizapril.

  3. REAL SALT has nothing to do with blood pressure. This doctor just proved to me he knows nothing about this subject. Pitiful!!!

  4. I’m 18 and my blood pressure was 130/80
    When I went to the doctor and the doctor tried to say I have high blood pressure but my blood pressure is always in normal range at home 120/80-117/70. I use to eat fast food everyday but I no longer do that. Now every time I go to the doctor I get so anxious that my heart rate and blood pressure goes up and it’s always in the 150/100 range. Idk if my blood pressure rises from my anxiety or if I actually have high blood pressure … it’s so frustrating

  5. I am an obese 51 yr old (100 lbs overweight). I was 145/107 and cutout sugar, sodium, processed foods and then had garlic and root beet powder every day (along with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds). also walked 30 min/day. three weeks later I am at 147/85. so, very happy the diastolic number dropped 20 points. but my systolic number has not come down yet. will it? will it just take more time? or am I stuck in the 140's permanantly? any certain foods or supplements that help with a high systolic number?

  6. Why is it our medical 10 to 15 years behind the research?!? Low sodium, all salts equal and dash diet is antiquated info. 😢😡

  7. I knew a guy who went to the gym every day and was 25 years old and very fit who had to take medication for his high blood pressure ???

  8. This guy is a Fool
    I've been doing all these good things for 71 years and now found out I have High Blodd Pressure 170 over 109 and need medication
    I exercise, eat well,no salt diet
    My HB apparently is hereditary

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