My Keto Body Transformation | 21 Days Ketogenic Diet

I tried the ketogenic diet for 21 days. It was hard but worth it!
► If keto isn’t for you, a slow-carb diet might be better for you:
► My Blood Test after 3 Weeks Keto:
► I Gained 16lbs with 4hrs total Gym Time in 4 Weeks:

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20 thoughts on “My Keto Body Transformation | 21 Days Ketogenic Diet

  1. Brilliant video mate and well done on your great results. Gonna go on the diet starting tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

  2. It is not possible to adhere to keto long term and stay healthy. I tried it, and it was awful. I recommend the Agoge diet though, because it's balanced and will help you lose fat without starving yourself.

  3. If you ask me, keto is not for most people. It's just really hard to adhere to and you feel exhausted. But the Agoge diet on the other hand feels great, and it works too.

  4. When starting keto it's best not to work out for the first week or two. The body is already stressed by cutting out carbs and losing muscle glycogen.

  5. im about the same measurements as your starting weight but a lot less muscle. I look more skinny fat but i do have good arm muscle. day 7 on keto im feeling much lighter and more energetic. I need to lift more weights.

  6. This guy didn't strike me as the manliest man throughout the video(and that's totally ok)than 3.51 and he turns into Bruce Lee or a Marvel superhero,impressive!! Good data gonna start this tomorrow so hatting myself up very informative!

  7. Great results. However a little misleading. You were in a Calorie Restriction for 3 weeks and that's what led to lower body fat. Studies show that when calories are matched there is no difference in results for fat loss diets. The only calorie restriction diet for fat loss that works is the one you stick to. Keto just happens to be delicious.

  8. If you flipped how much fat and how much protein you take in do you think this would still work because I definitely love chicken and eggs and when I really need a snack I’ll go for fat

  9. I am week 2 on keto and I watched this video to further my motivation. So far, I've seen progress but it's not enough. Suppose I need to work out more.

    Anyway, you're an inspiration. Your girlfriend is lucky ;D

  10. On CHEAT MEALS do not incorporate carbs.. you will lose the cetonas you had gotten.. and it lead to start again with all again.

  11. Erst dachte ich, dass sein Akzent typisch deutsch ist. Dann 1:02.. alles klar. Se end

    Danke fürs Video!! Motiviert mich wirklich und tolles Ergebnis!

  12. I have been heavy weight training for about six months now and have had great muscle gain but also have gained some fat. I want to lean out now but I am afraid of losing some muscle mass. It seems as though you were able to maintain your strength but were you also able to make any strength gains?

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