How Many Carbs Can I Eat & Be Keto (or at least Low-Carb)

Low-Carb Diets work because they keep your blood sugar low, and as a result, cause your body to produce less of the fat-storing hormone called insulin.

But, how many carbs can you eat and still consider your diet keto or simply low-carb?

I answer that question in this video, and I share example menus to give you an idea of what a low-carb diet looks like compared to a keto day of eating.


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20 thoughts on “How Many Carbs Can I Eat & Be Keto (or at least Low-Carb)

  1. You r so pleasant to listen and watch, what ever u say I would believe you😁

    1 cup 240gr?? Isn't 1 cup 64gr?? 🤔240gr of oats is to.much, I use to have 30gr (1/2 cup) of oats…

  2. I have a Glycogen Storage Disease Type 5 (McArdle’s Disease), which essentially means I can’t breakdown glycogen efficiently, which causes rapid muscle fatigue and pain. My muscles do so much better with carbs, but my brain gets exhausted. On the contrary, my brain does awesome with keto, but my muscles are terrible. So I’m going to give low carb a shot (125g total carbs daily), and I’ll see where I get to.

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  3. I’m new to this….so, if you choose to do the low carb plan, what should the protein and fat percentages be? Thanks for your help!

  4. Question. If I go low carb instead of keto will eating Chaffles, whole cream, avocados, and other high fat foods make me gain? I'm having a hard time staying under 20 g and thinking of going to 30 or 40. Should I change the fat intake?

  5. Nice video but I'm Consistently confused.
    Dr. Berg is pretty knowledgeable too.
    He totally displays the Subtraction of net carbs. I eat a tortilla called extreme
    wellness. 15 Carbs minus the fiber of 10.
    5 net carbs . So basically are you referring to just sugar alcohols?

  6. In everyone's opinion, which is more beneficial (healthwise), more sustainable (easier to manage) and cost effective?

  7. I've been easing out of keto, my net carbs were always under 20 and now they are often about 25 (with total carbs being 40 even). If you do go up to about 60-70 grams of net carbs (which I think will be enough for me to incorporate just a little bit more fruit, a few root vegetables and a few lima beans, how would I adjust the macros?. What would the percentage of protein /fat be if you stayed under 70 grams of net carbs? I didn't think I'd be more confused by a standard low carb diet than I am by a keto diet! Should my fat intake go down to about 55% and split protein and carbs 50:50?

  8. At 2.5 carbs per beer, sounds like I can drink about 20 Michelob Ultras a day and stay in Keto. Cool. 🍺👍🏻

  9. I have been trying lowcarb and failing somewhat for a month now. I still lost 2,5 inches around my waist the first week and 1,5 inches during the rest of the month. Aiming for 21 carbs a day but usually, since I eat what I please If I get hungry I ended up eating 40-50 carbs a day. Occational cheatdays once a week where I end up eating 80-100 carbs, usually from traditional starchy food like a Meal at close family that includes potatoes, bread, rice or wheat because I have not had enough food with me and got hungry. I have exchanged bread, pies, cakes, Cereal to homemade lowcarbalternatives that quite does not taste the same. Milk to almondmilk, juice and soda into lemon, vinegar, water. My latest meatstew has no potatoes and carrots but instead it has green beans, cabbage zucchini and cauliflower and meatbased broth from deer or moosebones. I have cheated by eating lean meats too, moose, beef, chicken etc. I consume much more eggs and less fruit and rootvegetables but usually stay under 1200 calories/day. I never seem to be able to stuff myself with more than that. Before I ate around 800 calories a day but only gained more weight due to higher carbintake and lower fatintake. The best thing is that I sleep a bit better and unnecessary irritation and worries has turned into more problemsolving hands on tasks. I would say that the worst thing with starting this is discipline, headache, some fatigue and being tempted to eat like the rest of the family. The best are that Most of the day energylevels is not going up and down due to bloodsugarspikes. I am still struggling with trying to eat more meat, I love fruit unfortunatedly. I Will Try to adjust some more because I notice progress.

  10. And how much prot And fat should we eat : im in low carb diet i eat 55% fat , 25%pro , 20% fat ? What do u think

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