Astrology & Diet/Health? (+ a Quiz!)

I hope you enjoyed this video, and see the direct link with the zodiac/elements to Ayurvedic medicine. Let me know if you liked watching my little Ayurveda lesson, and perhaps have gotten curious about your own Ayurvedic constitution!

Dosha QUIZ:

Love you guys so much!
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20 thoughts on “Astrology & Diet/Health? (+ a Quiz!)

  1. Thanks! This was actually very useful. I'm Pitta-Kapha (Fire, Water, and Earth) which is pretty much what my natal chart is made of.

  2. Scorpio here… took the quiz my constitution is tridosha… my profile was right on my… imbalance is in pitta…this just might be what iv been looking for …interesting stuff

  3. This is some really high quality content, so underrated i want to cry. I love this video, your way of thinking+talking and all your good advice! Love from Argentina

  4. I'm a Gemini stellium, and I've felt sooo imbalanced lately, so much anxiety and inner tension. Turns out, my "vata" is imbalanced! No surprise!! I am researching this, and I am finding so many things that I think are going to benefit my problem. Thank you SO much

  5. OMG, I really can't believe that somebody is talking about doshas on YouTube! Thank you very much! By the way, I have a usefull book about Ayurveda, so I can send it if smb is interested)

  6. Vedic astrology is a pretty big thing. If you’re enjoying Ayurveda, I’m sure you’d have fun going deep into Vedic astrology. I really don’t know much about it, but I’d love to know more. I’m one of the strange people who is actually a tri-dosha. I’m going to check out the site you’re using, because I didn’t find a whole lot to help me since tri-doshas are strange.

  7. THATS CRAZY. Because I just learned about this but didn’t connect it. I’m mostly Kapha (Water and earth) & I’m a Capricorn with a Scorpio Moon (Earth & water) 🧐

  8. this is interesting, i really like this, i think i'll try it out. also from a previous video, my sagi friend got slightly annoyed at me after showing him the anger series of himself and said he agrees. he's cool with me now btw, but he was surprised by how accurate it was to him.

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