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20 thoughts on “30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge (update 1)

  1. Thank you thomas for your videos i lost weight and this plan works I was size 18 and now i am 12 size and i live in apache junction Arizona ive been watching your videos for a 3 months now and I feel more energetic with keto

  2. I'm in. I've already done Keto for 1 month and lost 20lbs. I'm plateauing, so I completing my 36 hours and begin on Monday with my yolky eggs.

  3. Starting this Sunday, I´ve been training steady for 3 weeks, this Saturday night I´ll start my 36hr fast until Monday morning and then I´ll start the meal plan of the 1 month Keto Challenge. Thomas honestly thank you so much for your videos, your positive vibe and motivation! Hope I get to meet you and thank you in person one day! If you ever want to come to Lima and give a nutrition/workout conference let me know! I´m a producer here in Lima so I´m down to help you in any way I can! Again, thank you for your time and thank you so much for your hard work! You really motivated me and helped me getting my life back on track! Thank you infinitely! Peace!

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