2021 Blogging and Business Black Friday Sales

2021 Blogging and Business Black Friday Sales
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If you are a blogger or business owner, especially in the online space, there are so many useful tools that can help to grow your business efficiently. Included in this post are the best blogging and business sales for Black Friday 2021 that I have found!

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If you’re looking for other sales, be sure to look at my other Black Friday shopping guides:


79% off

My favorite way to grow my email list? Viral giveaways run on KingSumo. I LOVE this platform and gush about it to all of my blogging friends. As an online business owner, we all know the power of email marketing, but we often struggle with HOW to grow our lists. Run a KingSumo giveaway and skyrocket the number of subscribers who want the content you’re creating.


WP Rocket

30% off new licenses

What I would consider an essential plugin for your blog, this WP Rocket sale is one I would not pass on. Site speed is a critical factor for user experience. Slow site? People will immediately click away. WP Rocket can increase your site speed, thereby increasing traffic to your site leading to more ad and affiliate money in your pocket.

Sale ends December 1, 2021.


Pretty Links

Up to $ 70 off

This plugin is GAME-CHANGING for quickly, efficiently, and accurately linking to URLs on and off your site. Rather than searching for every long-string URL for an affiliate link every time you need it, save a Pretty Link and have it be just that: pretty! Rather than longURL.com/affiliatelinkwithnumbers, you can have your website.com/pretty-link. It looks better, is easier to remember, and, my favorite part? Easily update affiliate links across your entire website in seconds. If you’ve ever worked with a company that has decided to change their affiliate system and thereby your affiliate links have changed, you know the absolute PAIN of trying to find all of those old links and get them updated. With Pretty Links, you just change your Pretty Link and that’s it! It’s been worth every penny to me.

Sale ends November 26, 2021.



Up to 60% off

An essential WordPress plugin, your site needs a contact form. My favorite that we have ever installed on Real Balanced is from WPForms. This plugin features a drag-and-drop interface that makes customizing as simple as possible. Whether you’re a tech guru or not, you can have your site’s contact form (or order form, or registration form, or purchase form) up and running in no time flat!

Sale ends November 26, 2021.


Depositphotos Stock Photos

90% off+

Need stock photos to share legally across all platforms? If so, RUN because THIS is the deal you’ve been waiting for. Originally priced at $ 500 (yes, $ 500!!!), this Black Friday deal to gain access to 100+ million royalty-free stock photos and vector images and download 100 of those images is on sale for just $ 39+!

Sale ends November 30, 2021.



Up to 97% off domains

I have purchased all of my site domains from Namecheap (and I own A LOT of domains). They are always the cheapest and this sale is one that should not be missed!

Sale ends November 29, 2021



25% off premium, family, and business accounts on annual plans

Protect your personal and family digital safety with top-notch password management from LastPass. If you have any interest in working with other team members, like a Virtual Assistant, LastPass will allow you to easily and safely share account credentials without actually displaying your password. Have a change in staff? No problem. Quickly and reliably revoke password access. I’ve used and recommended LastPass for years.



30-day free trial

This is an ongoing offer I have for you all, but it’s worth sharing on a day like today! If you’ve been thinking about starting your email list with ConvertKit or have considered migrating from one email service provider to ConvertKit, NOW is the time. Built by creators, for creators, ConvertKit is a robust email service platform that allows you to automate, segment, tag, and GROW your email list quickly and efficiently.

Offer is ongoing and still available.


Marble Slab

Price as marked

I shoot all of my food photography on this exact marble slab. This thing is HEFTY and is a beautiful backdrop that makes food appear to just pop off the screen!



Price as marked

Using linens as a prop is the most affordable way to improve your food photography! I use these linens for every shoot I do!


Amazon Finds

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

There are SO MANY great Amazon Black Friday deals to improve your blogging practices! Take a look at the items below and, for the most updated list, check out this Amazon Blogging and Business Black Friday Shop Page!

Camera Memory Card

As a blogger, I have to take photos often and there’s honestly nothing more frustrating than running out of memory on my camera in the middle of a shoot. Invest in a couple of these memory cards and keep them on-hand to avoid any “memory full” errors!


Laptop Lap Desk

Work from your couch? SAME. Since I first purchased this lap desk, I’ve gone on to purchase two more. I bought one for my husband and one for my friend who also works from home. Before having a lap desk, I used to keep my laptop on my coffee table and spent hours leaning over it while working. NOT GREAT. This lap desk is affordable and gets the job done!


Recording Microphone

If you’ve ever wondered what mic I’m using when recording videos, handling coaching calls, or recording podcasts, this is it! This mic yields a really great sound and, if you too need to record audio, you’re going to want a solid mic attachment!


Apple Rechargeable Mouse

I only recently became a Mac user and, after purchasing my computer, the first accessory item that was in my Amazon cart was this rechargeable mouse. If you are editing photos or just honestly doing ANYTHING on your laptop, a mouse can feel like an essential tool. I can’t imagine working without mine!


Felt Letter Board

Looking to decorate your office? Pick up this felt letter board and add your favorite quote or saying to keep you focused and motivated while you work on your blog from home!


What business and blogging Black Friday sales are you shopping this year? Share with me by leaving a comment below!

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