119 pounds lost in 4 months on keto. Weight loss update #3

The 3rd episode in my weekly weight loss series… this one falls on the 4 month point in the diet. Another good week with 4 pounds lost. Follow my journey and get more keto tips on instagram:


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20 thoughts on “119 pounds lost in 4 months on keto. Weight loss update #3

  1. Dude, I’m 6’7 & weigh 391 lbs, at my heaviest in the summer of 2017, i ballooned up to 537 lbs, I went and started playing football and doing workouts and by about summer 2018, I was at about 350 lbs but because 2019 was a rough year, got broken up with via text by my fiancé, dealt with the death of my best friend, my stepmom & my grandpa within about a 3 month span, and it was a rough year, but I’m motivated to turn 2020 into a year of changes and growth, any advice would be incredible if you could dm me or respond on here

  2. Wow amazing news. I also would love to loose weight 102kg I have not been below this in almost 10 yrs. My goal is to loose 20kgs. I'll give this a go. But honest well done wow.

  3. Holy shit dude that's amazing! I've been on Keto for almost a month now and lost 20 pounds! I've got a very long road ahead of me but I'm pumped to move forward!

  4. Great job it’s nice to see a real man do this so many videos are just body builders who have no idea you look awesome congratulations

  5. You have truly encourage me and inspired me a hundred and nineteen lb in 4 months amazing my goal is to lose 200 in 6 months I believe and I'm going to achieve and speaking into the atmosphere thank you

  6. Brother you are doing really good just stick to the keto as much you can you will slim , if you want more info check Dr Eric Berg i lost 25 pounds in month and half ,Good luck from Canada.

  7. Did you start off losing fast? I've been on Keto for a week and haven't lost a pound yet. The strips says I'm on ketosis, I think I'm waiting on the whoosh. Any tips?

  8. I am a tall women plus size woman (over 6ft). This is inspiring. I am on day 10 of Keto. I hope that I am as successful as you. Taking things one day at a time. Being realistic in my journey and weight loss. Your results are not typical, but absolutely amazing…you are a rock star at weight loss.
    Thanks for sharing your status! 😊😊😊

  9. Not saying your lying or anything but dude I weigh 280 and wear size 40 so how are you wearing size 40 at like 210? are you under 6'0?

  10. Hey dude I started keto through my nutritionist oct 10th and weighed in at 401lbs today is December 26 and I’m down to 366 lbs am I losing weight to quickly. Should I be concerned.

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