1000 Calories Keto| Full Day of Eating| 3 Meals + Snack| 1000 to 1800 Calories Series Episode 1

We have started a series of videos which will have 1000 to 1800 calories full day of eating. This series is of Keto Meals only and it will have 3 meals and a Snack in it. This series will have total 8 videos
In this episode we are consuming 1000 Calories.
Every episode will be released on each Saturday.
To Calculate your Macros Click Here:

Keto Calculator

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Disclaimer : These videos are for educational purpose only. Make sure to apply anything on yourself under observation of experts, as everyone has different body and everything is not for everyone.
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  1. Sir 1500 calories ka keto diet plan btayn or ye b k pure fresh cream ko dahi bna k kha skty hain keto may?

  2. Bohat achhi option sabzi obal kr stor kr lain pakki huee vegetables kitny gm lane hain 1000 cal ke hisab se

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