🚀30 day CLEAN KETO diet Weight Loss Results😁I can see a HUGE difference! What I ate to lose weight

🚀30 day CLEAN KETO diet Weight Loss Results😁I can see a HUGE difference! What I ate to lose weight

I’m so happy with my keto diet weight loss results! Still can’t believe my before and after pics! I’m a keto savage! This #30dayketoway challenge has been incredible.

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20 thoughts on “🚀30 day CLEAN KETO diet Weight Loss Results😁I can see a HUGE difference! What I ate to lose weight

  1. I know this is an old video but I just stumbled across it and you and your family are beautiful and I absolutely love your personality! Subscribed ☺️

  2. Hi Jia can you please help me on how I can start keto what can i eat and how much and what I can't eat I want to lose weight and get healthy please any information helps thank you and God Bless

  3. will you do the 30 day keto challenge again? & I Definitely see a difference 😭 you look amazing I’m on week two Hope I look as great as you 💕

  4. Georgia DEFINITELY has Wing Stop! It's one of my go-to's here! They are EVERYWHERE! Check your area! I'm from Miami, but started eating Wing Stop in Georgia! Soooooo gooodd!!!

  5. Hey sis, I live in Lawrenceville Georgia, and we do have Wing Stop up in Lawrenceville….You look amazing. Keep up the good work. God bless…

  6. Just watched your video. Great job! I see your progress 😉! I'm on week 3 but it's not perfect. I'm making progress too… I'll follow your journey and do it together!

  7. You are so awesome 👏
    Weigh to go!! So proud of you!! How much more do you want to lose?? You are looking good. When you we’re trying on clothes — looking good!! 🥰 👙🍉🥓🎉

  8. Girl, I can DEFINITELY tell! Your face/neck is slimmer and in your bathing suit pics your legs and belly are slimmer. I haven't done a 30 day challenge yet (been Keto…with cheats…since January. Lost 35 lbs so far) but now I'm inspired to try one!

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